This past Sunday I reached a small milestone in my journey. I stepped on the scale and looked down at the number to realize I have lost forty pounds since January 6th. Knowing that I’ve lost that much weight is excellent motivation, however actually seeing results brings it to a whole new level. Before I went to the gym yesterday I took a couple of pics similar to the ones I took in January, and I had the same exact tank top on too. I put the photo collage together and was in disbelief for about an hour. I was freaking out a little bit because I wasn’t sure how to handle it. Knowing the results is one thing, but seeing them is a complete new ball game. I know this is a small step in my journey, but I had to take a minute out to be proud of myself. It’s taken a lot of dedication, effort, and hardwork to get where I am today. Seeing the comparison photos is only more motivation to keep it going as I know I have a long way to go in my journey. I’ll post the pics in case anyone is interested….

12 weeks in…

12 weeks into the crossfit and semi-paleo thing and I have to say I feel good. Definitely notice a difference in my workouts and that directly corresponds to what I am putting in my mouth, and my body is changing for sure.

You know, when you eat shitty foods you feel like shit. In essence you are what you eat. I’ve learned that over the past 12 weeks and definitely learned that when I eat crappy foods I feel crappy and don’t get as good a workout as I do when I eat good foods.

My weakness of running has been exploited and I have a feeling it is not going away. Hoping that the right shoe will help me to not quit on the third week of the couch to 5k program. Hopefully that will get started soon as I plan on getting my gait checked to see if there is a shoe that will calm my calves down. Usually when I reach week three of the c2 5k I end up limping home one of the days because I am in so much pain it’s almost intolerable. It could be because I’ve got lots of excess weight on me too, who knows.

I’ll end on a semi high note. Over the past 12 weeks my muscles are getting stronger, I am seeing some good progress and PR’s at crossfit, and I’m down just about 35lbs. If that’s not something to be happy about I am not sure what is.

Results…. So far

So this week is my 11th week doing the whole crossfit and trying to eat right thing. I’ve cut out alcohol, except wine, and an occasional beer. I have an unhealthy addiction to donuts I need therapy for, kidding! I do allow myself one a week though, and I am actually starting to dislike them after I eat them. I’ve lost about 30 lbs to date and I’ll post a pic of progress since Jan 6th to now. Just a little update for those that are following the blog… Thanks for the support!


And another one… Feeling motivated

After not stepping on the scale for at least 3 weeks I did so on Wednesday of last week, and was down another 5 lbs. Stepped on yesterday and was down another 4. My progress is my motivation. Still a long way to go but better than sitting my ass on the couch all damn day.

I decided earlier this week I wanted to know what my one rep max was for dead lifts. I went into the gym yesterday, took a long time but was able to deadlift 273lbs. Very proud of myself for that. Progress is my motivation.

Over the past two months I’ve discovered the changes that I have made are starting to pay off and I’m leaning a lot about myself. It’s, I guess, a personal growth stage for me.

I now realize that I don’t love to get intoxicated on both Friday and Saturday. Fridays because I want to make sure I make it to my Saturday am work out class, and Sunday because I’d rather waste the day being lazy, NOT hungover. Don’t get me wrong I still like to drink, but I realize moderation is key for me. And to me, that’s progress and it is my motivation.

I’m glad I am starting to see results that I have been searching for for over 10 years. It’s very tough, but something I am striving for because I want to live longer, healthier, and with a family. Now, that’s motivation.


Entering the fourth week of this paleo plan/ crossfit plan and I will say. Now it is getting tough. The newness of the whole thing has worn off, salads are getting SO old, and the easiness of not preparing meals is looking more and more glorious as each day passes.
Four weeks in and trust me while I’ve seen changes in my work outs for sure, and the scale says be dropped a few pounds, the temptation to eat some grains or sugar is getting stronger and stronger on a daily basis. Almost daily I say I want a donut from a coffee shop I pass daily. The only fault with that is if I fall off, I know I will spiral out of control like a crazy person. I need some sort of balance to control my brain from these “wants”. Salads are old: eat a salad on a daily basis for lunch for a month with only grilled chicken and tell me how you feel. Hell, order a salad with no feta or dressing from anywhere for a month and let me know how you feel afterwards, I literally have never wanted to go out and get a burger for lunch in my life. It just gets old. I need some variety…
Meal preparation is tough. When you take on a challenge such as this the planning out, and preparation become time consuming. Is it slowly becoming more and more appealing to just go order fast food, or a pizza just for the ease of eating for one night. Then again the whole idea of going off the bandwagon is basically what is stopping me from doing all this. I’ve also decided that because I am a woman, and I basically live on a cycle- that potentially could factor in to why I am feeling this way. I’ll suck it up for a few days until this phase in my cycle passes an I’ll see how I feel then….

Ding round 963

It’s been 6+ months since I last wrote, and essentially gave up my mission to successful weightloss and being healthy, So here I am, back in the cycle of dieting and trying to be healthy. Hopefully this time I’ll break it! So far, I am just under 4 weeks in and I am impressed. I’ve adapted to the paleo lifestyle, eating “as paleo as I can” obviously I am not super strict but strict enough to notice a difference. I will say it’s super hard to Basically give up things you eat on a daily basis, but then end result is my motivation. Once I got trough the crazy cravings it hasn’t been an issue. Simple changes like subbing out captain and coke for red wine or straight tequila, while none of it is paleo which is why I say I am not strict, are some of the change we’ve made. And by we, I mean my husband took on the challenge as well. We’re both pretty large people and he’s the cook so it helps that he’s on board. He’s completely restructured the way he thinks about meals, and what to buy.
Also I’ve found a crossfit gym close to to me and ended up giving it a try. The people there are so amazing and welcoming, that alone is my motivation to go, beside the fact that I LOVE crossfit! I am super excited to be back at it.
So like i said. It’s been just under 4 weeks, I’ve lost 20lbs. Most weight I’ve lost in a long time. The best part is I don’t have crazy cravings, I don’t feel like I am depriving myself of certain foods, and, true story, I feel great. I wake up in a good mood and ready to tackle the days tasks almost on a daily basis. It is CRAZY how sugar has an effect on your body in more ways than one.
Here’s to celebrating 20lbs down, a million more to go, and to continuing the small success into hopefully a much larger success story.

Ten- giving up

It’s the tenth blog post and I am not shocked I have given up. I know I have a serious issue on my hands but I just want it to go away. Even better, magically melt away while I sleep. Summer is here and just like all the previous summers have been, I hate bathing suits, love the beach, hate dieting, love to drink and eat. It’s really a lose lose situation all around. The only thing that has a remote chance of keeping me going is crossfit, and somehow someway I need to get back into it. I’ve hit a real low, an uncontrollable emotional rollercoaster, potentially depressed low. I think and hope that it may get better. I know I am the only one who can change it, but sometimes it’s just, UgH! I think a lot of it is stress, and I need to find away around it, just unsure how. I need to find hobbies, or something to do with my time to keep me occupied, besides tv. Truthfully I don’t even like the bullshit I watch on tv, and that’s te reason I never get into any specific shows.
Here’s to hoping I wake up tomorrow with a positive attitude.


So it has been about a week since I’ve posted. I am still suffering from lower back pain which is making me nervous to get back out there. Plus it’s 90+ degrees where I live. Too hot for the fat people of America. I got the knots out of my calves by rolling with a baseball, hurts like a biatch but totally worth it. This week has been kind of crazy. My job is super crazy ans stressful and we had a bunch of people over last Sunday for Memorial Day. So looking forward to a night of relaxing. I am actually pumped I might get to the beach this weekend. Maybe ill get a little walk in!!! Ill post next week and I will get back on track I am thinking it’s best to walk for now… 😦

Epic fail- EIGHT

I need some help and soon. I went out to do my day 3 week 1 workout today and once I left my house I had an idea I was going to have problems. I started my five minute walking warmup no biggie at all but I noticed that my legs became unbelievably tight. My calves were on fire and it was difficult to walk. So I decided to muscle through it and do the first section of the run part. Once I started going they loosened up a bit, but then I had to go down and ten up a hill. Once I went down hill I knew I had to stop and get to my house so I could figure out what the frig is going on. Going up the hill was ten times worse and my lower back started hurting. It was a good thing I came home because if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have made it home, the pain in my calves was pretty bad and to top it off my lower back was bad enough that I had to hold back tears. I am not sure what is going on, it seems like either my body doesn’t want me to do this- which is assinine, or I am moving too fast. How could I be moving too fast? This is a COUCH to 5K workout plan!
I came home ripped my shoes off and fell to the floor. I am doing my best to stretch out my calves it just is not working. So I am labeling this workout as an epic fail. I will get day 6 of squats in, that’s gonna be 80. I think I’m upset i made myself stop but i feel it was for the better. Maybe I am looking for guidance as to how to overcome the lower back and calf pain.
I’ll try not to fail again, and if you’ve got any recommendations- I am all ears 🙂

Thanks for the push…. Seven

I woke up this morning more sore than I have been since I was doing crossfit. Going up and down stairs at work was a freaking project. I can home thinking today was going to be a full on rest day, so I took a nap. I ended up waking up from the nap, ate pasta – terrible idea, and went on Facebook to post how sore I was. I guess that was all the encouragement I needed, because at 745 I was out the door contemplating whether I was going to do the couch to 5k program or just walk to loosen up. I am a glutton for punishment so of course I did day two in couch to 5k. It went well at first, then half way through my calves started to tighten up, and then, something new , my lower back. I barely made it home posted the workout on my Facebook and now here I am writing this blog. I feel good that I did it but equally as bad because my body is like “Kelly, you probably should not have done that.” Now onto some serious stretching and loosening up. Ugh. I am going to hit the shower and then the sack for the night. Sorry if this seems like a bitch fest, but this is sincerely helping me, and making this whole process a little easier at the same time. I hope that the posts get better and that I will talk about something that I like about this whole thing…. Maybe when I start seeing results 🙂 check ya later!!!